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ITR 6 Form Filling & E-Filing Guide

Jun 25, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

What is ITR 6 Form?

The ITR 6 form filing is for the companies who have not filed exception under section 11 (Income from property held for charitable or religious purposes) . While it is essential to file the ITR 6 Form and here is a step-by-step breakdown which will give you an insight into details of the form and how to file it, thus making the process easier.

Who is eligible to file the ITR 6 Form?

Companies who do not claim exemptions according to Section 11 should file ITR 6 form. They can file this form via E-file Income-tax Return. Conversely, companies that claim exemptions according to Section 11 and who gain income from property utilised for charitable or religious purposes are not eligible to file this Income Tax Return form.

Structure of the ITR 6 Form

The ITR 6 form consists of two significant sections and 33 schedules precisely.

In Part A you are required to fill all the general information. In Part B you are required to give information on the summary of the total income and tax computation based on the income chargeable to tax.

How Does One File the ITR 6 Form?

You can electronically file this form with digital signature to the Income Tax Department.

No Annexures Needed

In the ITR 6 Form no documents, with TDS certificate, is required to be attached. If such documents are found attached, a Return Form is returned with the detached documents to the person filing the return.  

Guidelines to File for ITR 6 Form

  • Strike out and write NA across any schedule which is irrelevant or which doesn’t apply to you.
  • Put NA against an item or a section which is does not apply to you.
  • Write ‘NIL’ before any zero figures.
  • Place a “-” sign against negative figure, if any.
  • Round of the figures to the closest one rupee.

Procedure to File the ITR 6 Form

To file the ITR 6 Form you can refer the following order-

  • Page 1 consists of Part A which is General.
  • 34 Schedules
  • Part B-Total Income and Part B-Total Taxable Liability
  • Verification

Step-By-Step Breakdown To E-File You Income Tax Return

Register Yourself

To e-file your ITR 6 Form you need to register online on the Income Tax Department’s tax filing site. You need to provide details like your PAN card details, date of birth, etc. and choose a password. Your PAN will be your user ID.

Choose How You Want to E-file

You can download this form from the website, save it to your desktop, fill it and upload it to the site. Or you can fill the details in the form online.

Select the Form Type

Since you are filing the ITR 6 Form, click on the same.

Keep the Documents Ready

Keep documents like PAN, Form 16, TDS certificates, interest statements, details of investment, insurance and home loans. If you earn more than Rs 50 Lakhs, you must fill an additional form of Assets and Liabilities. In this form, you have disclosed the value of your assets and liabilities.

Fill and Upload the Form

You can either download the form to your desktop, fill it and upload it. For this click on ‘Generate XML then go online and click ‘Upload XML’.

Verify ITR 5

When you submit the ITR 6 form an acknowledged number is generated. Preserver this number if you have submitted the form using a digital signature. Otherwise, if you have submitted the form without a digital signature, an ITR-V is generated which is sent to your registered email ID. You need to verify the ITR-V to complete the forming process. You can do the same electronically. You can also mail the signed ITR-V to the Bangalore processing centre in within 120 days of filing the return.

Procedure to Fill the Verification Document

Here are some essential pointers to keep in mind while filling out the ITR 6 Form.

  • Fill all the important information in the Verification document.
  • Strike off or write NA for whichever section that does not apply to you.
  • Make sure the verification document has been duly signed before submitting the return.
  • Mention the designation of the taxpayer.

 If an individual has made an incorrect statement while filing the return, he/she is likely to be prosecuted under Section 277 of the Income-tax Act, 1961. This on conviction is punishable according to the section with severe imprisonment and fine charged for the same.

Advt. no.: IA/Jun 2018/4108

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