Quit Smoking – for your Health and your Wallet

May 27, 2016 | 3 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

The world “No Tobacco Day” is observed on 31st May each year to raise awareness about the ill effects of tobacco consumption. In India, consumption of tobacco through cigarettes and Gutka has become a sweeping pestilence. Smoking is known to cause several deadly diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, bronchitis etc. Although a number of health problems associated with smoking are widely known, millions of people still continue to consume tobacco in one form or another.  The major reason why people cannot do away with tobacco is due the addictive substance known as “nicotine”. Just like any other addictive drug, nicotine gives its users the false perception that it manages their feelings of depression, anxiety, fear and loneliness. Which is why, it takes a lot of mental courage to overcome this addiction. Whether you are a light smoker or smoke a pack each day, quitting can be difficult.

Given the high taxes, smoking in itself is a costly affair. To add to that, you have to bear the addition financial blows from the treatment of the diseases caused by smoking. If you have been smoking since your teenage, the effects of smoking may already have caused substantial damage. If you are a smoker, taking up policies such as Aegon Life iCancer insurance plan is helpful in safeguarding your financials. Taking up insurance against cancer and other critical illnesses will provide you the necessary amount of financial cushioning required at the time of medical treatment. Such plans will pay off the medical bills incurred while battling the ill-effects of tobacco consumption.

However, it is never too late to quit smoking. If you are determined and focused, you can quit smoking without a relapse. Here are a few simple tips that will help you bid goodbye to smoking for good:-

  1. Set a quit day: – Choose a date within the next two weeks to quit smoking. If you smoke at work, set a quit date at the weekend. This will give you some time to prepare for the change.
  2. Let your family and friends know: – Ask your family and friends for support and encouragement to help you quit smoking. If you have a smoking buddy, ask him to quit as well. This way you can both overcome the habit with each other’s support.
  3. Anticipate challenges: – There might be many challenges that you will have to overcome while quitting to smoke. At certain days you might get mad urges to smoke and may even experience withdrawal symptoms. They key is stay determined no matter what.
  4. Take medications if required: – You can also seek help from a doctor, if the withdrawal symptoms become hard to ignore. Also, there are several over the counter drugs available in the market, which includes nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, and nicotine gum.

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