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Savings Hacks: Minimize Your Expenses and Maximize your Fun on Board a Cruise

Jun 08, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 4 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Cruise vacations are an unmatched experience. The enchanting spas, sumptuous cuisines and relaxing ocean ambience are all the major hype when sailing towards beautiful destinations. Cruise vacations come with a hefty price tag but can be afforded easily if planned beforehand. Investment plans like ULIPs can also prove useful to finance trips like these:

Hack #1: Start saving from the beginning

Start saving from the beginning

A key measure into booking any vacation is to research your journey and destination before-hand. Your search should ideally begin 6 months to a year in advance. Look up various resources and compare them for best results. As for a cruise, January to March is referred to as ‘Wave Season’ where cruise liners offer exciting deals that are worth the grab.

Hack #2: Look for a Travel Agent

Hire A Travel Agent

The most cost-effective way to book a cruise vacation is to hire a travel agent who specializes in booking such vacations. Most agents are aware of value-added services and hidden amenities that wouldn’t be available to customers who book online deals by themselves. These include customized spa deals, local opportunities on port and so forth.

Agents get their commission from the cruise liners themselves, which saves you the expense of their services. In addition to that, agencies book cabins in bulk to secure the best deals in the market and that could bypass additional charges like booking fees. You could save some money over the size of your accommodation. Rather than opting for cabins with a view, you could adjust to the simpler ones. After all, it is the journey that matters.

Look for all-inclusive packages that fit your budget. The highlights of a good deal include spa treatments, access to the pool, inclusive on-board restaurants, an assortment of cruise activities and unlimited beverages (budget-centric).

Hack #3: Consider investing in short-term plans

Short Term Investment

Apart from the traditional formulas of savings and minimized expenditures, short-term investments can make things even better. The market is flooded investment instruments that offer substantial returns within stipulated time. For a purpose like this, a ULIP investment plan is a perfect fit.

Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a combination of investment and insurance. It was first started in India and is offered by many renowned companies such as Aegon life. The premium paid towards a ULIP gets divided to offer a life cover and to buy units in the capital market. The invested amount then offers returns to the investor, where the invested sum or deposited premium goes to the beneficiary as an insurance claim amount.

Hack #4: Prep smart to avoid unnecessary expenses

Smart Savings

It is always better to carry your own essentials rather than buying them on-board or along the way. Essentials should include medicines, toiletries, hats & caps, sun-screen and most importantly, snacks. If you have kids who crave a snack at odd times, then carrying your own snacks could help you avoid being overcharged on purchase of the same snacks from on-board stores.

If you are crazy about the internet or need to be connected 24×7 for business purposes, then looking out for Wi-Fi charges is a must. Cruises try their best to deliver high speed internet to their passengers. Some cruises offer free complementary data but after crossing a certain limit you must pay for it. To avoid ruining your planned expenditure, it is recommended that you consult your travel agent about such charges.

Hack #5: Plan your on-board expenses

Financial Planning

The best way to plan your expenses on board the vessel is to give yourself a budget. Packages do not cover all the services that popular cruise liners offer, from activities to premium restaurants and spa services, to name a few. You’ll be tempted to try out some of these and that’s okay. Keeping a fixed threshold over your expenses could help you figure out how much to splurge and over what.

Be clear about the terms and conditions behind the amenities of the cruise liner you select. Most of them cover the basics of accommodation and food, while value-added services like the mini-bar in your room may be charged extra. Shore excursions are not included in the cruise tab and are priced heavily on-board. It is better to book such activities through your agent or have them pre-booked from individual providers located at you port destination.

To Sum Up

Planning your vacation ahead of time will help you save on a lot of unnecessary expenses. Take your time to research not only your destination but also your journey as well. Prepare for obvious expenses and budget your funds by each activity in your itinerary. A cruise vacation is a wonderful experience to share with your family, it can be done while saving money with family fun being uncompromised.

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