Securing The Future of Your Loved Ones Is Not Rocket Science

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How to Secure the Future for Your Loved Ones 

Do you have an investment plan to safeguard your family’s future? Read and find out how best can you go about it.

  • Step 1: Plan for emergency
    • Life insurance payouts will help your family in your absence
    • Insurance can also help your family repay any debt you leave behind
    • Insurance can provide for an emergency fund too

Tip: Keeping dedicated funds for family emergencies is smart financial planning

  • Step 2: Protect health of your family
    • Get health insurance for every member of the family
    • Boost coverage with a critical illness plan
    • Choose plans that cover income loss and wellness services

Tip: Look for sufficient cove rather than the lowest premium

  • Step 3: Plan to achieve your life goals 
    • Child’s higher education and wedding
      A child plan will help you build a large kitty over time for them
    • Buying property
      Use your life insurance maturity payout to make the down payment
    • Capital for a business venture
      Employ market-linked returns on unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs) in your business
    • World Travel
      A well-timed insurance maturity payment can fund your world tour
    • Post-retirement years

Opt for pension plans to maintain current lifestyle after retirement in your golden years

Tip: Link the big milestones in life with right insurance plans

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