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Setting an Example: Yashasvini Health Insurance Scheme by Karnataka Government Insures Farmers Across the State

Sep 09, 2019 | 10 months ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team
Yashasvini Health Insurance Scheme by Karnataka Government

Governments across the country have been trying to support their health and medical expenditures through various national and state schemes. The former chief minister of Karnataka S. M. Krishna formally launched the Yeshasvini Cooperative Farmers Health Care Scheme on November 14th, 2002 [1]. The Yeshasvini Health Care Scheme became operational in 2013 and available to co-operative farmers via network hospitals spread across the state of Karnataka.

Arguably the world’s largest health insurance scheme, it is designed in ways that overcome several obstacles for providing health security to rural populations. This scheme covered in its second year, about 2.2 million widely dispersed farmers for surgical and outpatient care for a low annual premium of approximately INR 138, which is US$2.[1]

What is health insurance?

Health Insurance is simply a cover to provide for your medical expenses including hospitalisation and surgical costs in the event of an injury or illness. Most rural poor today are not aware of the importance of a health insurance policy. The Yeshasvini Scheme aims to change this mindset and protect the primary sector.

Here is everything you need to know about this paradigm changing insurance scheme by the government of Karnataka:

  1. Yeshasvini is one of the largest state-funded schemes in the country. It does not take aid from the Centre in any way.
  1. Its aim is to mainly provide surgical cover since most farmers are not able to cover surgery costs since they are typically more expensive.
  1. It is a contributory scheme wherein the beneficiaries contribute a small amount of money every year to avail any possible surgery during the period.
  1. The beneficiaries are offered cashless treatment subject to conditions of the scheme at the Network Hospitals spread across the State of Karnataka.
  1. To avail of this scheme, the person is required to be a member of the Rural Cooperative Society of the state. This ensures that only the most deserving get the benefits of this scheme.
  1. This scheme is permeable and covers the family members of the insured member as well. This is irrespective of whether they belong to the cooperative society or not.
  1. Each beneficiary is required to pay a prescribed rate of annual contribution every year. Presently member contribution is Rs.300/- for Rural Yeshasvini and Rs.710/- for Urban Yeshasvini.[2]

What are the medical benefits of this scheme?

The Yeshasvini Scheme covers 823 types of surgical procedures identified by the Yeshasvini Trust. These may be subject to certain government regulation and tariffs.

The updated list of illnesses also includes neonatal care, angioplasty and other accidental injuries. The plan also provides cover for medical tests, hospitalisation costs and outpatient consultation among other things. However, like any regular health insurance, pre-existing conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. are not covered by this scheme.

The entire transaction right from the time of admission to discharge is a cashless process. This is an entirely novel feature for a government sponsored insurance scheme. In fact, this ensures that the money cannot be misused in any way.

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