Slow & steady wins the race!

Dec 17, 2015 | 4 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

This is a phrase that everyone in the world, across cultures & geographies, is familiar with; if not with Aesop’s ‘Hare & Tortoise’, then in some other form. This age-old lesson passed down from generation to generation, resonates with us in adulthood as much as it did in childhood.
It makes us ask ourselves, “Do we want to put our hard-earned money directly into equities?” While the glamour of the stock market can be alluring to most people, with the promise of these get-rich-quick schemes, the fact remains that it is extremely risky, especially for people who are not tending to it full-time.

A much smarter option is, to go for Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan from Aegon Life. Yes, this is an Insurance plan, but it is no ordinary insurance plan. The Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan doubles up as an online investment plan that gives you better returns on maturity, along with providing you a life cover during the length of your policy term. While there are other plans, known as “ULIPS”, which offer you a combination of Investment as well as insurance, they may not have the same benefits as Aegon Life’s plan.

Apart from a 0% premium allocation charge (which means comparatively better returns), Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan gives you more power and flexibility in investing your money. How? By offering you up to three different funds to choose from, depending on your risk v/s returns comfort level. These funds are Blue Chip Fund, Debt Fun, and Secure Fund. Let us have a look at basic differences in these funds.

Blue Chip Fund:
This is a good option for people who like to take risks in life. This diversified equity based portfolio, mainly invests in large-cap stocks that show signs of quality management, strong financials, and market leadership.

Debt Fund:
This fund has a relatively lower risk, and invests in a mix of more Fixed Interest Securities, and less in Money Market Instruments. Unlike the Blue Chip Fund, the Debt Fund doesn’t invest in any equities.

Secure Fund:
Like the name suggests, this is the most secure of the three funds, investing on low risk-low return Fixed Interest Securities & Money Market Instruments (Not in Equities).

And if that doesn’t give you enough of flexibility, the Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan even allows you to choose from two different death benefits;  either the higher amount between the sum assured & the fund value, or the sum assured + additional benefits + income benefits.

So, what’s a better place to invest; directly in the market or Aegon Life’s iMaximize Insurance Plan? Take the call for yourself!

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