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Teachers That Shape Our Future

Sep 05, 2019 | 11 months ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Learning is inevitable, and it is what helps create experiences, skills and enhance the quality of life. And our teachers are the foundation our learning pyramid.

It is said that teachers shape our future, and their influence never stops. But are the teachers we come cross in life limited those we meet in classrooms?

Since learning is an ongoing process, we come across different teachers throughout different phases of our lives, and they inspire us like role models.

Teacher's Day

So, who are these teachers who continue to love and care for us, but also bring out the very best in us with some toughness?

This teacher’s day, we decided to appreciate those unsung heroes of our lives.


Parents are the first and probably most influential teachers you have in your lifetime. You start learning from them right from the first step you take, holding their hand. They are the ones who shape your mind and continue with the process at various stages of your life.


They come during a pivotal stage of your development. They watch and help you grow, creating a strong foundation that will prepare you when faced with life’s social as well as educational ups and downs!


You spend your best and worst times with them. They teach you how to be yourself, and important virtues like trusting, humility, and gratitude. Moreover, they teach you how to enjoy life!


They are the ones who laugh with you in the real world. Your colleagues, bosses and mentors teach you the tricks of the trade and are with you when you face life’s various experiences and occurrences.


The learning doesn’t even end when you have children. The little ones are the best teachers, with their innocent and untainted view of the world. They have a special way of teaching you that no matter what; you can always tap into your inner child a little more, every now and then.

They come, they teach, and they remain with you forever, as your role models, your teachers! They have inspired you to live a better life throughout.

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