This Diwali Be Thoughtful and Gift Something Beyond Crackers

Oct 18, 2017 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Now that Diwali is right on out doorsteps, it is time to embrace it with the right fervour. The colourful diyas, the glittering outfits, the cacophony of crackers, and the fragrance of sweets that hangs in the air – this is what defines Diwali in India. However, what most people forget is that Diwali is much more than this. It is an emotion. A symbol of goodwill, a reaffirmation of hope and happiness. Diwali stands for bringing light to all those who are in the dark. Most of all, it is a welcome call to a fresh beginning into a better future.

This Diwali, let us not forget the many who are often left behind in this race towards a better future. Every year, we bestow popular gifts upon our loved ones like diyas, crackers and sweets. Shops and malls are lit ten days in advance for us to spend our cash on expensive clothes, toys, devices and more. How about we embrace the true essence of Diwali and offer gifts that would truly benefit the people in our lives? Not just our family members, but also those less fortunate ones who cannot afford to succumb to the pressures of commercialism. In this spirit of thoughtfulness, here are some ideas that make the perfect gifts for Diwali:

Be a pillar of support

Your driver makes all your rides smooth; ensure that you return the favour. Gift your driver a pension plan this Diwali. So that when he is too old to lead the way, your thoughtful investment can guide him safely.

Gift an umbrella of savings

Your domestic help takes care of all your household chores. While she takes care of you and your family, you do the same for her. Help her build a corpus of money for rainy days by opening a savings account for her this Diwali.

Invest in new beginnings

This Diwali let the proverbial flower of success grow in your gardener’s life. For all the times he has laboured to make your home clean and green, start a trusted mutual fund for him to invest in his prosperous future.

Make your future brighter

When it comes to family, no gift is better than the gift of protection. Life is uncertain, so be one step ahead of the rough roads by getting term insurance plans for you and your spouse. You can get either a family floater or an individual life insurance policy for different members of your family, like child insurance plans or retirement plan for your parents.

Bring the light of financial security to everyone in your life and make your own Diwali shine!

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