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This Diwali, Celebrate Life with an Insurance

Oct 13, 2017 | 3 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

‘Tis the season of festivities! The nine-night long energetic run of Durga puja melted in a galvanizing Dussehra, which arrived hand in hand with muharram marking a new beginning. And it won’t be long before Diwali knocks at our doors escorting good old values in a new platter. Dress your days in orange, green, or better still go for white as December arrives, but each of these festivals will convey only one path—from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, from fear to living.

This Diwali, Celebrate Life with an Insurance

Celebrating festivals are a lot about discerning upon the values that the stories associated with them impart. However, more often than not, we tend to disregard these lessons especially in the midst of all merrymaking, which is as busy as enjoyable. Let’s mirror some of the common occurrences where we tend to ignore significant aspects that can put our lives in danger—

~ Ban the Binge

You hear Diwali and the mushy smell of besan laddoos start enchanting your senses, the diamond shape of Kaju Katli begins to dance in front of your eyes, and I bet some of you can already feel the hot gulab jamun softening in your mouth. ‘One more’ becomes the slogan of the season and holiday weight is something we are proud of—it’s Diwali after all.

Much to your distress, festivals aren’t a good reason to mess your dietary balance. It shouldn’t come as a shock when I tell you that India has the most number of festivals in the world, and most number of diabetics too. Besides diabetes, excess sugar can lead to obesity, heart disease, stroke, blindness, nerve, liver and kidney damages.

Remember, good things when short are twice as good. Relish a piece of your favourite mithai and conclude it with the new watchword, ‘no more’.

~ Halt don’t Fall

Shine and glimmer is the story of every festival, more so when it comes to Diwali. From new idols of God to new clothes and lights, Diwali shopping is a rage in every household. Therefore, this time is likely to pump a lot of excitement in your life, and an equal amount of stress. This combination can prove detrimental, even deadly.

Taking last-minute orders while driving to the shop, crossing hastily without watching the road, tripping in a crowded place while trying to manage several errands, these are all naïve mistakes that anyone full of festival spirit can commit easily. Do you really think road accidents and stampede is that far an affair when one is this careless?

Health and safety are the two biggest gifts of life; right priorities make for right celebrations.

~ Shun the Burn

The lavishly adorned festival of lights is almost synonymous with crackers and fireworks. The bright lights don’t just brighten our houses but also fill the entire sky like stars. And crackers, well what’s a celebration without some happy hooting!

Nonetheless, crackers are the reason behind so many mishaps that all such fun is always accompanied with a great deal of risk and fear; we’ve all heard the story about the cousin who lighted a cracker and didn’t manage to throw it away in time, or the uncle who inattentively left the packet of crackers near the flickering diyas.

Limit your use of crackers, don’t let the little ones deal with them without surveillance and resort to safe ways of enjoyment.

While mindfulness is one leg for a safe walk in life, life insurance is the other; to balance where you fall. Look around, your existence is a source of happiness for so many. The contentment on your daughter’s face when she comes back from the university, the security in your spouse’s eyes every time you tell her “I’ll fix it”, the wait of the (not so) stranger-boy who stands at the signal every evening for his pack of biscuits—you illuminate lives every day. Money won’t replace you, but it will help your loved ones cope with less inconvenience.

Don’t let your light fade even if you must depart. This Diwali, give yourself a thoughtful gift and buy a term insurance; because festivities shouldn’t end.

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