7 Tips That Can Help You Comfort A Cancer Patient

Jun 04, 2018 | 1 year ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

If your loved one or friend has been diagnosed with cancer, it may at first be difficult to figure out how you feel about it. Initially, it is important to give them space to process their feelings.  You can also make a difference by offering to help in whatever way you can. A simple, “I can pick your daughter up from school,” can make all the difference.  So, if you are in an emotional wrangle as to how to help your loved one or friend, here are some ways you can reach out to help them:

1. Listen

Your loved one may be going through a tough time, and being empathetic is crucial at this stage. While some may be unwilling to talk about their illness, others may want someone to listen to them. So, listening to them express how they feel about the situation is important. Listening is essential during such a phase as it can assure your loved one feel that they’re not alone.

2. Get them up-to-date with news

You may not anticipate the amount of organization and planning that goes into cancer treatment. It can be a stressful time for both family members and close friends.  Your loved one may need to make numerous trips to the hospital and back. They may end up having little to no time to interact with the world outside. You can step in and be their link to the outside world. Make sure they stay abreast of important news or even gossip that can help them feel connected to the world.

3. Housekeeping and groceries

Your loved one may not even have time to finish their daily tasks. They may need help with the smallest of things. Ensure that they have someone to take care of their housekeeping or hire someone who can be of help. Better still, you can offer to pick up the groceries as they may have little time to run errands.

4. Store credit and cash

Even when your friend or loved one won’t tell you about it, cash flow can be limited when they are dealing with cancer. Medical bills can eat into their income and leave them with little or no cash for other things. Most stores offer store credit cards or gift cards that can be exchanged for new items. This can help them deal with other expenses like new clothes or books for children. Don’t shy away from helping your friend or loved one with cash as there’s nothing more useful than actual money during hard times.

5. Help them claim medical insurance

What is very helpful during an illness is the insurance payout that helps your friend or loved one afford the treatment. Insurance claims may require some back and forth, and they may need help with filling out claims or submitting them. It can be quite a process and you can pitch in by following up with the insurer regarding claims.

6. Be available during emergencies

You can be of immense help by being the ‘on call’ person during emergencies and show up when they need you. Even though other people may be available to help them, they may need some extra help to sort out formalities. They may also need someone they can rely on in case other family members are unavailable during emergencies.

7. Do away with formalities

Treatment can sap your loved one of any extra energy they may have. Ensure that they don’t need to spend any energy on thanking you or responding to every message from you. Add ‘no need to reply’ at the end of messages that need no further replies. They must not feel obligated to send you thank you notes or make an extra effort to be grateful for your help. You can also commit to being there when they need both logistical and emotional help.

There are many ways you can provide care to a loved one with cancer. Make sure that you offer a hand and be there when they need you the most.

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