Tips to Child Proof Your Home

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Inarguably, there is nothing more urgent for a parent than her child’s safety. As a parent, you can never be too cautious. As a result, we do all that we could to keep our children safe from any potential hazard, especially at home. You might feel you have done thorough homework when it comes to childproofing your house; however, there are always some chances of you missing out something. With you have a kid in the house, there is zero margins for error. A study was conducted wherein the first-time mothers of kids aged 12­–36 were taken through a model home and asked to point out potential hazards. Much to your surprise, most couldn’t recognize even half of the potential hazards.

The bitter truth is that household injuries are one of the top reasons why kids under the age of 3 are rushed to the hospital, So, as they say, Hope for the best and Prepare for the worst.

Just to minimize such risks and ensure the safety of your child, we have come up with tips to keep in mind while child proofing your house.

Baby-proofing the Sharp Corners:


This goes without saying. Sharp corners at the dining table, centre table, cabinets, wardrobe, etc. need to be baby-proofed. You can source a few of those foam corner cushion protectors and affix them to all sharp corners. Alternately, you can get hold of long foam pipes and split them from its length and glue them through sharp table lines. You can also purchase table edge guards.

Candles and Matches Out of Reach:

A child does not need to possess fine cognitive skills to accidentally light a match and set things on fire. Also, you need to keep the candles in your home locked away as kids are quite likely to chew on a stray candle and choke on the wax.

Mount Your TV onto the Wall:

Your child has the ability to climb on a TV stand, and the possibility of the TV set falling on them is high. So make sure you mount your television on the wall. You can anchor the TV stand on the wall with the help of industrial-strength Velcro straps through air vent holes.

Crib should be set up safely:

As soon as your child has the ability to sit up, make sure you lower the crib mattress. Make sure you are careful with stuffed animals in the crib, as there are high chances of your kid suffocating while playing with them. Also, ensure that you always place your baby on his/her back to sleep. After the kid is asleep, remove everything aside from the mattress; no toys, bumpers, etc. Over and above all this, ensure that your crib is properly assembled and contact the manufacturer in case of any issues.

A window should always have a guard:

Windows should either have a window guard, or the windows should not be able to open more than 3 inches. Make sure that you install a guard if the window is low to the floor.

Keep balloons and crayons away:

Latex balloons should always be kept away from children under the age of 8. If a baby accidentally swallows a piece of latex balloon, it could choke the child’s throat, blocking his airway. There have been a lot of fatal accident cases caused by kids choking on a balloon. Similarly, a small kid can snap the crayon in half, and that small piece has is enough to choke your kid.

Keep your kitchen secure:

Always be careful about the products that you store in the lower cabinets. Products such as furniture polish, drain openers, and dishwasher detergents should be stored at higher shelves. Never keep the cutlery lying stray somewhere, and always store it at a higher altitude which is away from the reach of your kid.

Baby-safe open toilet:

The height of the toilet is just about right for your toddler to reach. As kids are likely to be top-heavy, there are extremely high chances of them falling over and not being able to get up. Drowning has been one of the major causes of fatal accidents in kids aged from 1 to 4. Most are unaware that you get baby safety toilet lock, such as Swing Shut Toilet lock.

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