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How To Make The Most Of Your Travel Plans? Here’s A Lowdown of 7 Travel Tips You Must Know

Aug 06, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Travel Planning

The summer has kicked in and you are trying to figure out ways to escape the heat. How about a vacation? Whether it is a cool hill station that may seem tempting, or a serene and natural escape to the forests or even a relaxing time at the beach, plan the major parts beforehand. Here are a few pointers you want to keep in mind while planning your heat getaway.

1. Keep It Flexible

Keeping an open mind, when it comes to deciding, where to travel and when, goes a long way. It makes it possible for you to save a small fortune on your trip. You can also have multiple trips in a year. Having a full-time job with only a handful holidays in a year can make vacationing tricky but not impossible. You can start small; go for weekend trips. There are bound to be some places nearby that would be worth visiting for you.

2. Less Is Always More

Carrying a massive suitcase is the last thing you would want to do on a relaxing holiday. It will take up time at the transport stations during security. It also tends to slow you down. If you have a long vacation planned, then carrying a backpack would make more sense along with your other luggage. When you go around then, you would only need to carry that backpack and not all your luggage. Lighter baggage promises a pleasant journey.

3. No Need For Dot-to-dot Plan

A vacation doesn’t mean you jot down a minute-by-minute plan of everyday. Note down main things that you would like to do, like visiting main attractions in the area. Don’t fear getting lost while you explore around. It is the only way you would find places worth visiting that are not present in the guide book. Since such places are not usually touristic, they provide you a more authentic experience in your vacation.

4. Say No To Hotels

Finding a hotel to stay can be tricky. You wouldn’t want to live in a place that isn’t populated or is very costly. Worry not! The alternatives for accommodation available for travellers are unbelievable. There are numerous websites that provide you with authentic, real, incredibly modern and ideally located accommodation solutions. There are villas, shared flats or even hostels that gather travellers just like you from all over the world.

5. Be Insured

Term insurance is exactly the sort of thing that you would spend money on and hope to never use it. But, in case, one day you must, you will be glad to have invested in it. You can never know what can happen on a trip and you certainly wouldn’t want your journey to be spoilt. Aegon Life’s iTerm Plus insures accidental deaths, and your loved one’s financial future.

Also, instead of having to spend a fortune on medical bills abroad, make sure you have travel insurance too. Also read through the terms and conditions of the policy to know what is covered under it and what isn’t.

6. Take Your Time

Add a special element in your trip by taking the time to explore the places that you visit. You may make memories for life if you dive into the place, more so than rushing through touristy destinations around. It may sound incredibly cliché, but it always is about the journey and hardly ever about the destination. Dive deep and take in the minute details of your surroundings, don’t be fixated only on the attractions.

7. Do It!

If you have been thinking of taking a vacation but are not getting around to going, don’t hesitate. There will always be something or the other coming up for your attention. But there is no such thing as ‘perfect time to travel’. Visualise your dream destination waiting for you to uncover its hidden places and all it has to offer. If you feel the lands unventured calling, take your leave from life and embrace the adventurer in you!

Despite the constant movement and being on your feet, traveling is good for your health, physical as well as mental. It provides a well-needed escape from the hustle of city life and gives you peace of mind. Charting out a checklist may be a good way to keep track of everything on your trip.

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