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5 Ways to Increase Your Health Insurance Cover

Sep 07, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Health Insurance

An adequate health plan is an absolute must for citizens, especially in an age where illnesses and disorders are on the increase and with it the expense of treating them. Buying a health insurance plan to safeguard against the financial implications of medical crises should be the priority of every person building a portfolio. With inflation at its peak, diseases on the rise and health costs going higher, have you considered increasing your health insurance cover for better protection? Should you get a second policy, change the insurer or simply choose a top-up plan?

If you are thinking about what’s the right way to approach your existing health insurance cover, then here’s what you should know:

1. Get a second policy

Let’s say, the sum assured from your current policy is the maximum and can’t be upgraded or ported to another plan. In this scenario, you can always buy a second health insurance policy from another company. After claiming insurance from the first policy, you can claim the rest using the second insurance policy. Please mention that you have an existing policy in the proposal form for the new policy.

2. Change the insurer

You can switch insurers and port your policy to another company with a better cover. Apply to the new company for health insurance at least 45 days in advance to be eligible for portability. However, the waiting periods may still be applicable on the ported policy. Insurers are always introducing better products and covers, and switching to another insurer can help you get adequate coverage. You may even get a good cover with lower premium when you switch to another insurer.

3. Choose a good top-up plan or upgrade

Understand how top-up plans work before opting for them. After the threshold limit on your policy is used, you can use the top-up plan to cover extra expenses. Top-up plans are designed to provide you the dual benefit of low cost and higher sum insured. They cost half as much as you would spend on premiums for a new plan. There are two types of top-up plans: Top-up health insurance and super top-up health insurance. Choose a top-up plan that can cover your expenses after the threshold limit is crossed. For top-up health insurance, if your policy comes with a threshold limit of Rs. 4 lakhs, and you have two claims of Rs. 2 lakh each, you cannot claim the top-up policy. However, if there is a single claim that is Rs. 4 lakhs, you can claim the amount.

As for super top-up health insurance, you can claim it even when a total of your claims crosses the threshold sum on the insurance policy. This is a better version of a top-up plan. You can also switch your plan to one with a better coverage by opting for an upgrade with your insurer.

4. Opt for a critical illness plan

In case of a critical illness, the current coverage you have may not be sufficient to cover the costs. A high coverage of health insurance is necessary to cover the costs as they are higher than other ailments. Illnesses like bypass surgery, cancer, paralysis, kidney failure, heart attack etc., can set you back by lakhs if you are not adequately covered. Ensure you opt for a plan that covers most critical illnesses. These plans offer payouts upon diagnosis that can help you pay for the tests and medical expenses easily.

5. Opt for defined benefit plans

Unlike critical illness plans that offer payouts upon diagnosis, defined benefit plans provide fixed benefits for a set list of surgeries. The plans are based on actual hospitalization and surgeries and the benefits are paid irrespective of the actual costs. For instance, there are plans that pay fixed benefits for bypass surgeries, angioplasty, etc. with minimal documentation and adequate coverage.


Adequate health coverage is important, but it is just as crucial to opt for something that is cost-effective and suits your needs. If you are looking for additional sum-assured, opt for a top-up plan. However, if you are looking for specific features and benefits that your current plan lacks, go for a new plan.

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