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4 Cool Ways to Prep Yourself for the Summer of Life

Aug 01, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

The long, hot Indian summer is upon us in all its glory. While some are privileged to escape to cooler climes away from the scorching heat, most of us make do with turning our ACs on full blast and avoiding stepping outdoors. We do all we can to seek some respite from the soaring temperatures—from wearing loose and breathable clothes to taking cold showers multiple times a day and altering diet to include only light, fresh meals.

If we’re willing to do so much just to smoothly sail through a few hot and humid months, why not take measures to make life a little more comfortable in the long run.

Here’s where an insurance policy helps. Younger working people often do not feel the need to invest in early on, dismissing it as just a tax-saving instrument. But, it is more than that—it safeguards your future against uncertainties that may befall.

Retirement plan

These plans are specifically designed to give you financial independence post-retirement.

Depending on your income, you can start saving today and accumulate a fund, which you can tap to meet all your post-retirement expenses. The best way to build a sizeable corpus is to earmark a certain percentage of your income to a ‘retirement fund’. These plans also factor in inflation and an increase in cost of living so you can maintain your current lifestyle without making compromises. A good retirement plan will ensure you don’t struggle to make end meets, especially if don’t have a source of income in your sunset years.

Life Insurance

Life is highly unpredictable and none of us know how much time we have. This is where having a life insurance policy plays a pivotal role in providing financial stability to your dependents.If you’re the sole breadwinner of your family, make life insurance a priority so that your family does not feel a financial strain in case of your demise. A good life insurance policy is a safety blanket that will adequately cover their financial needs. Alternatively, you can also consider a term insurance plan that will cover you for a fixed number of years.

Health Insurance

A health insurance covers major diseases and disorders without the worry about the financial aspect of the treatment. A good health insurance policy will take care of all your medical expenses from hospital bills to medicines and allow you to recover peacefully. You can benefit from health insurance even when you don’t fall ill as you can use it to pay for your regular health check-ups and medical tests. Now doesn’t investing in health insurance seem like a great way to financially safeguard your health?

Child Plan

When you plan to start a family and have children, it is vital you consider its financial aspects too. After all, we all want to provide our children only with the best. Given the growing cost of quality education among other expenses, raising children and ensuring their all-round development is becoming increasingly expensive. Aegon Life’s iMaximize plan will help secure your child’s dreams in the long run.

This has made the need to invest in a child plan more pressing than ever. There are several types of child plans that you can invest in, beginning with birth, and create a fund to give them the bright and financially sound future they deserve. 


Buying insurance will stabilise your future and take care of your family’s financial needs during difficult times. At the end of the day, you can’t really put a price on your family’s security and happiness. So, as you face the summer head on, invest in an insurance policy to help you deal with all of life’s seasons.

It will not only protect your dependents in your absence, but also take care of unexpected medical expenses, pay for your child’s education and save for retirement.

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