What are Some Common Symptoms of Cancer to Look Out For?

Jul 25, 2015 | 4 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

As with most diseases, the earlier the diagnosis, the higher are a person’s chances of survival with timely treatment and medication. In order to treat cancer, detection of it at an early stage is of utmost importance. While there are over 200 cancer types, each with their own set of symptoms, we discuss the key signs to look out for. If you spot any of these major symptoms in you or your loved ones, it is wise to see a doctor and get tested. You can visit some of the renowned cancer hospitals in India which offer free treatment for this disease.

Bleeding: While blood in your stool can generally be a cause of piles, it can also be sign of Cancer. Also, while not all cases of blood in urine are a result of cancerous growths, it must be reported to a doctor right away. Women also need to ensure that they aren’t bleeding or spotting too much between periods. The same goes for cough or vomit. Regardless of the quantity or colour, if you spot any blood in your cough, it is time you see your doctor. For instance, lung cancer can make you cough up blood; kidney or bladder cancer can lead to blood in urine, and rectal or colon cancer can lead to black or bloody stool.

Lumps: Lump formation or inflammation in any part of the body can be a warning sign. Swelling could crop up in any area, such as the armpit, neck, chest, testicle, or stomach. For women, a persistent lump in the breast is a big red flag. Furthermore, know that breast cancer can also be felt through thick, reddened skin instead of a lump.

Persistent Coughing and Shortness of Breath: Coughs can be a result of colds. However, if you have been coughing for over three weeks without the condition getting any better, it may be a symptom of a severe condition such as pneumonia or even cancer. Coughing could be accompanied by breathlessness and chest pain.

Changes in Skin: Visible changes to the skin can be a warning sign of skin cancer or other forms of cancer. Some common symptoms include reddening or darkening of skin, itching sensation and increased hair growth.

Moles: Look out for any moles that grow larger than 7 millimetres in diameter. If you have a new mole with an irregular shape or edge, is itching or bleeding, or one that has multiple colours, you should have it checked. Even an existing mole that has started to change form or become crusty can be dangerous.

Unexplained Pain or Discomfort:Some types of cancers, such as testicular or bone cancer, have pain as one of their first symptoms. Persistent headache could be a sign of a brain tumour. Cancer of the ovaries or colon can result in severe back pain. While it is normal to experience body ache or discomfort as you age, persistent, unexplained pain should not go unnoticed for too long.

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has increased the chances of a disease such as cancer. This is one of the reasons why opting for a cancer insurance plan is the best safety measure.

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