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What Every Child Needs For Good Mental Health

May 05, 2016 | 4 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Raising a child is perhaps the toughest and the most demanding job a human being can undertake. Parents are accountable for each and every action of the child till he/she grows up to be a responsible individual. Bringing up children is a taxing affair, but it also instills a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Parents are the most influential role models in a child’s life. The physical needs of the children such as nutritious food, good clothes, playtime toys etc. are easy to understand and manage. Parents don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to the upbringing of their children. They also ensure that the financial aspects of a child’s development are fulfilled by taking up various child plans such as Aegon Life rising star plan. However, when it comes to the mental well-being and development, parents always find themselves in a tight spot. Along with a healthy physical development, a sound mental development extremely essential. A wholesome mental development allows a child to think clearly, boosts grasping power, improves self-confidence and makes them emotionally stable. So, what can parents do to help their children grow mentally strong and happy?

  1. Provide unconditional love: – Love, security and acceptance is the foundation of a health childhood. Children need to know that parent’s love is not dependent on their performance in school or other accomplishments. When the child makes mistakes, be patient and avoid sarcastic remarks. A child who is provided with constant encouragement develops into a confident adult.
  2. Encourage children to Play: – Play time is crucial for the healthy mental development of a child. Playing with other children helps them to discover their strengths and weaknesses, develop a sense of belonging and learn social etiquettes. A rigorous playtime that includes a lot of running and yelling is actually beneficial for the mental and physical development of a child.
  3. Appropriate guidance and discipline: – The best way to teach your child discipline is by setting an example. You cannot expect self-control and self-discipline from a child if you do not practice this behaviour yourself. Whenever your child makes a mistake, do not criticize them directly, instead criticize their behaviour. For instance, you can say “that was a bad thing to do” instead of saying “you are bad boy/girl”.
  4. Talk and listen to your children: – It’s easy to put off conversations when you’re busy and tired, nevertheless try to put aside a few minutes each day to talk to your child. Listen to their stories about school and playmates patiently. Reading bedtime stories is also a great idea that shapes their imagination and creativity.

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