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Why Is It Important to Prepare for Your Child’s Future Now?

Jun 27, 2017 | 3 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

You are the designer of your child’s future. While a strong foundation can help them lead a fulfilling life, a weak base is likely to make them struggle for little things and big. Our role and teachings serve as an anchor in our kids’ lives. From ethics and dedication mantras to education and resources, we as responsible parents leave no stone unturned. We try to do our best, standing by their side. But what happens if we are no longer there to help them? Are you the pillar that can bring your kid’s dreams tumbling down, when removed?

Why Is It Important to Prepare for Your Child’s Future Now? - Aegon Life Blog

Strengthen your kid’s future with a child education plan so that he/she stands tall, with or without you. To get a better understanding of how this policy will help your kid, we list here some of the major advantages of investing in child plans:

  • Savings are just a part of the security, which might exhaust with time. Sooner, if not utilized wisely. But education will help your kid become the master of his own life. Understanding this need, funds from children plans are dedicated solely towards the education of your kids and related expenses.
  • Besides that, inflation and the ever increasing cost of higher studies can turn out to be a bump in your child’s way to success. Child plans step in here as an aid, as they are accepted as collaterals when applying for education loans.
  • Moreover, in case of your sudden demise, your insurer support your kid and simplifies his/her life by offering waiver of future premium payments on your child education plan.
  • You enjoy the flexibility of spacing out your pre-set benefit in regular intervals, so that your child receives funds as and when he most needs it.
  • While age is a defining factor of these policies, the focus of child plans is always on nurturing the talents of our little ones. If a skill needs training and investment early in life, partial withdrawals can be done to fulfil the same.
  • An accidental death comes with unplanned and shocking needs, emotionally as well as financially. Cases of dismemberment and disability too can create a barrier in your work life and thereby hinder the flow of income in your family. You can avail a rider to upgrade your child’s security for such difficult times.

A fulfilling life for your kid is just one child education plan away.

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