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Why Outdoor Learning Experience Is the Best for Your Kids

Nov 13, 2019 | 8 months ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

There is an old saying that goes this way – the best way to do something is to get your hands dirty and actually do it. The same applies to learning as well. The best way to learn is to learn along with nature, out of the traditional comfort-zones of classrooms and books. Yes, classroom-teaching is great for improving the children’s knowledge, but when they learn the same things through outdoor learning methods, they understand it better. They become more aware of the environment, and they develop a sense of belonging for the same. We need the younger generation to be very conscious about their environment to protect Mother Earth.

Outdoor learning is the best learning experience that you can give your child because it makes him/her more socially responsible than ever. Children who participate in outdoor learning have the following qualities:

  • They learn to handle problems practically
  • They love nature, and they take care to protect it at any cost
  • They love to communicate with others and are very easy-going
  • They think with an open mind
  • They have strong immune systems
  • They are physically and mentally healthier than children who are made to sit for long hours in the classrooms
  • They have a positive outlook towards life

In a regular academic year, it might be impossible for you, as a parent, to enroll your kids in these outdoor learning programs. However, you can start with summer camps that many educational centers organize for kids of various age groups. Some schools also offer international summer camp programs for teenaged kids for their overall personality development.

All these outdoor training programs sound quite impressive, don’t they? As a parent, you have every right to dream of this future for your child, but are your dreams sufficient for your child’s development? The answer is a strong, “No”!

If you want your kids to participate in these outdoor learning programs and become better and more socially responsible individuals, you need to plan for the same. You need to plan for your child’s education right when your child is born so that you can accumulate enough funds to give him/her the future he deserves.

Why choose a good child plan?

When you want to secure the financial future of your child you must choose the right child plan that provides you benefits like insurance, financial stability, and tax savings. Here are some of the top reasons why you need to choose your childcare plan properly:

Rising costs of education

With the inflation rate at an all-time high, it is no surprise that education expenses are also continuously increasing. While the conventional system of education itself is going to be very costly in the future, you can only imagine how costly it would be to enroll your child in outdoor learning courses and camps. It is important to have a childcare plan that will pay you a lump sum when your kid reaches a certain age so that you can use the amount for his/her education. In the absence of a structured child-care plan, it would be impossible for you to meet the exorbitant education costs of your child.

Insurance and Investment

A good childcare plan accounts for contingencies. It serves as an insurance plan offering financial protection to your child’s future, even during your absence. The premiums paid towards this plan are invested in diversified funds such as equity, debt or a mix of both. When you invest in these plans for the long-term, you can get good market returns at the time of maturity. You can use these handsome returns to give wings to your child’s dreams.

You must plan for your child’s education as early as you can and choose the right plans to get the returns, at a time when your kid’s future needs it the most.

Your child’s education expenses are going to keep increasing in the coming years, so you need to plan for them right at the time of the birth of your child. To know about Aegon Life’s life insurance products like term insurance and other products, visit our home page.


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