Women Specific Critical Illnesses and How to Cover Yourself Financially.

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As the caregiver and nurturer of the family, you are tasked with numerous responsibilities during the day, in addition to, pressing work commitments. More than often, you find it tough to strike a balance and tend to ignore your health. Your health is precious to your family, as their health is for you. Let us understand how you can safeguard your health from critical illnesses.

Women’s health statistics

According to research conducted by the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, one woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India. Another study points out that India accounts for the third largest cancer cases among women. Despite indicators pointing towards the need for women to safeguard their health, very few women look at getting an insurance policy.  To this effect, preventive health care plans and critical illness covers can greatly help to improving mortality rates and healthcare.

Critical illnesses Related to Women

Women’s bodies are biologically different from women. Hence, there are some illnesses that are specifically susceptible to women Some of these illnesses are:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Fallopian Tube Cancer
  • Uterine Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Vaginal Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Multi-trauma,
  • Permanent paralysis of limbs.
  • Burns.

With increasing stress, inappropriate lifestyle and deteriorating environment, the dangers on women’s health have increased substantially .Various reports reveal an increase in the number of patients treated for critical illnesses. Another major cause for women being highly susceptible to illnesses is the little information they have on women centric health insurance policies. This article is aimed at educating women and getting them insured!

For a protected future, opting for an insurance plan is a good decision. A health insurance shields you against various diseases, but a critical illness plan can help you financially if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Women and the importance of insurance

Women today face a multitude of health issues including health statistics. They have ever evolving roles both at work as well as at home which make the need for health insurance vital.  Taking into account the critical illnesses that women face today, an insurance policy is an asset and boon that must not be ignored.

Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Critical Illness Insurance Plan provides protection under critical illnesses as and when required. The plan gives you the security that a guaranteed cash sum will be paid in case you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Under such plans, you need not get hospitalised to get the monetary sum payment. The insurer makes a lumpsum payment on the diagnosis of the critical illnesses mentioned in the policy. The catch with critical illness policies is that you must insure that the policy you are diagnosed with is covered under the plan

The way forward

  • A balanced diet, regular exercises and a healthy lifestyle are keys to good health and long life. New research shows that even if an individual has spent years being inactive, it is never too late to begin a healthy lifestyle today. If you have missed, overlooked or slacked it is not too late to get back on the healthy lifestyle wagon.
  • It is a good habit to practice preventive care. Preventive health care includes services such as health screens, medical examinations, and counselling that are useful in avoiding health problems, or in detecting ailments at an initial stage when therapy can effectively treat it. Undergoing recommended preventive services and altering lifestyle to healthy options are vital steps to good health and wellness.

To sum up

Insurance planning is crucial and cannot be ignored. It must be done at the earliest opportune time. Your health is just as important as everyone else’s in the family. You need to give special attention to your needs and plan an insurance policy with a critical illness cover. Choose an AEGON Life iCL critical illness rider in addition to an iTerm Insurance Policy, to secure your health and your life.

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