World Social Media Day: The Pros & Cons of Everyone’s Favourite

Jul 01, 2019 | 5 months ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

World Social Media Day was devised as a way to recognise and celebrate the impact of social media on the world. Since its origin, social media has been in the heart of global communication; connecting cultures, movements and super-fandoms.

Social media has massively influenced our way of communication. From the basic functionality of instant messaging, to the mighty dominance of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, social media has developed quite gloriously, introducing us to new people as well as opening the doors for global marketing.

Let’s talk about all the benefits that come from social media.

  1. Connectivity

The main advantage of social media is the ability to maintain connectivity. Irrespective of location, people can build a connection with anyone to learn and share thoughts.

  1. Information and Awareness

Social media is the best source of latest information. With platforms like Twitter and Facebook, news updates are easily available at the click of a button and effortlessly accessible within no time. Twitter offers authenticity of information also, because you can verify the source’s legitimacy. Social media also creates awareness, helping discover new and innovative things that can enhance people’s way of living. With hashtags, all the latest trends and events are broadcasted across Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Education

Education has benefited massively thanks to social media. Regardless of the location or educational background, people can learn and improve their knowledge by simply following the expert on, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and learn from them as they provide tutorials and take classes.

  1. Business Promotion and Reputation Management

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient ways of promotion as it can be used to easily promote all around the world. In this new digital age, all brands are venturing into social media, creating profiles over platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Advertising and promoting over these platforms reduces expense and minimises risk, making the business profitable. Brand reputation is also manageable thanks to this online presence.

  1. Building Communities

Social media helps build communities and bring people with mutual interests together. Facebook communities and the Explore Page from Instagram are perfect examples of this. In a world with different beliefs and religions, social media can also help maintain peace and harmony with productive communication amongst people looking to discuss and learn.

While social media has proven to be vital in many ways for an individual as well as the society, it has a negative influence as well. These drawbacks might cause serious harm to the health or other types of problems. Here are some of the disadvantages of social media and ways of avoiding them:

  1. Cyberbullying

Most children are victims of cyberbullying. Fake accounts can be created by anyone and be used to do anything without being traced, making it very easy for anyone to bully people on the internet via threats and intimidation.

In order to battle cyberbullying, you must firstly save all the evidence in the event of the culprit being revealed. Secondly, do not respond to unknowns on the Internet and finally, block and delete the contact if the situation gets too uncomfortable.

  1. Security Issue and Hacking

With almost every organisation having access to the personal information of the people, privacy can easily be compromised. Stolen information opens the doors for hackers, who can create personal problems and financial losses via means of identity theft.

To avoid getting hacked, restrain from sharing private information over the internet and always opt to use private and trusted devices instead of public access devices. Other steps include regularly updating passwords and using two-step verification for your email.

  1. Addiction

Social media can be addictive and lead to disturbing the personal lives of the person. This is most commonly seen in teenagers, as they are significantly engrossed in it eventually being cut off from society. Social media addiction also wastes an individual’s time which could have been used effectively in productive tasks and activities.

Controlling social media addiction can all be done by oneself. Some ways include limiting the time spent, meeting people in reality, and considering it as a treat.

  1. Health Issues

Excessive use of social media can negatively impact health. Since exercise is key to health, most people laze around using social media which results in disorders in the daily routine. For e.g. spending long nights over social media wavers the sleep pattern further affecting the health of the person.

With the onset of social media, we can witness a rise in interactions between brands and customers. We at Aegon Life recognize the potential of this platform and leverage it to:

  • Stay Connected and respond to our customers with their doubts and queries
  • Educate and inform our audience regarding Insurance and the various options available
  • Building a community to ensure smooth progression of business and thereby improving and maintaining brand reputation.

Follow us on our various social media channels, and stay updated. Aegon, toh tension gone!





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