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Your child’s classroom will look very different from yours. Here’s how technology is shaping primary education

Sep 30, 2019 | 8 months ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team
Will E-Learning Help Children? Child Education & Technology

Various empirical studies have shown that children respond better to game – based or mobile learning. Furthermore, game – based learning is most effective when they are academic – centric, and when the teachers aid the children when necessary [1].

Technology has changed the way teachers and students – especially during their primary education – interact. While we were accustomed to listening to the teachers, visual aid has since helped the pupils and the teachers in bridging the communication gap. Various academic literatures have suggested that visual aids helped the students in avoiding dullness, and experience enhanced learning environment [2].

The impact of technology in shaping the primary education can be broken down into three important areas, with the three facets holistically aiding the children in better understanding of the nuances.

Enhancing writing experience in the classroom

According to a report written by the Department for Education in the United Kingdom [3], it was revealed that the students do not perform as well in writing, as they do in other subjects such as mathematics and reading. It was further mentioned in the report that the pupils perform better in writing, when they write letters to their family and friends, but not in the classrooms.

This is where academic blogging has bridged the gap, by presenting the students with a platform that transcends the confines of the classroom. It has been observed that children take a keener interest in writing when they have an authentic audience. Not only does it build their confidence, but it also enhances their analytical and observational skills. For instance, Pobble, a United Kingdom – based startup has provided a platform for the primary students, to share their writings with a global audience, showing tangible benefits.

Introducing E – Reading technology

To encourage children to read, and remove their inhibitions, e – readers have been introduced in the classrooms. There are various mobile apps that help the children in gaining confidence while reading out loud, ensuring that they aren’t discouraged or stigmatized, inculcating interest among the students.

Teachers have also presented the primary students with multimedia digital books, that have videos, audio bites and images, to make reading a fun experience. This also helps in improving their focus, and encourages peer – assessments, thereby instilling confidence in the children.

Game – based and mobile – based learning

Various empirical studies have shown that children respond better to game – based or mobile learning. Furthermore, game – based learning is most effective when they are academic – centric, and when the teachers aided the children when necessary.

Like e-reading, game-based learning is engaging, and encourages the students to apply themselves. Game – based learning can include classroom curriculum, and instill problem solving skills in the students, and help them perform better in the classroom. Multiple studies have also suggested that students who play reading games in their schools, progress faster in reading and spelling, than those who take a more traditional approach [6]. It would also present parents with an easier way to keep the children engaged, even during their vacations.

Source: Edsurge [7]

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