India's First Life + Covid -19 Insurance Plan

Aegon Life Launches comprehensive insurance cover against COVID, that can be availed on the Flipkart app along with the base life insurance.


COVID-19 Insurance Plan Overview

First Life Insurance + COVID - 19 Cover

Having an insurance cover is a must during these tough times of COVID-19 outbreak. However, Aegon Life goes a step further and in association with Flipkart brings to you an Insurance that covers both Life and provides lumpsum upon Hospitalisation due to COVID-19.

The term plan comes with various Life Cover options (upto Rs. 50 lakhs) and COVID 19 Hospitalisation Cover (upto Rs. 5 lakhs).



Flipkart Covid Insurance Plans


Why buy this plan

This plan provides customers with comprehensive insurance cover against COVID-19, that can be availed on the Flipkart app instantly along with the base life insurance plan.

'Life Insurance with COVID-19 Cover’ supports the policyholder by covering hospitalisation costs of up to Rs 5 Lakh on minimum 24 consecutive hours of hospitalisation on the first-ever diagnosis of COVID-19 condition along with death benefit from the life cover.

The policy takes care of hospitalisation costs, which will help curb the financial burden that may arise if a person is declared COVID-19 positive. In case of death, one can avail of the life benefit through the base plan, which will help in supporting the insured's family.

Apart from the above mentioned plan, Aegon Life iTerm Plan covers COVID -19 death claims with premiums starting as low as Rs. 12/day. Click here to calculate your premium.


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  • Rajesh Shah

    Best In these Covid times, this is the perfect plan one can opt for as it not only provides security for life but also provides lumpsum upon hospitalization due to Covid which is the need of the hour!

  • Caroline D'Souza

    I bought this plan from Flipkart. Did not take more than 10 minutes as it is totally digital. Now I am less worried about the COVID-19 outbreak as me and my family are covered.

  • Simran Rajput

    What I liked best about the plan is that it gives me flexibility to choose my preferred life cover. Now i feel much more secured from Coronavirus.

  • Divya Subramanian

    "This COVID-19 Insurance plan can be bought without any medical tests! In these COVID times, I guess it is a big relief to have an insurance policy that provides up to 5 lakhs upon hospitalization due to coronavirus and also secures your family. Go for it!"


🛡️ What is the COVID-19 Insurance cover?

The COVID-19 Insurance Policy provides a lumpsum upon hospitalization (24 hrs) on the first diagnosis of COVID-19. It also provides a death benefit to the nominee on the demise of the insured.

🛡️ Why should I opt for the COVID-19 Insurance cover?

COVID-19 policy provides comprehensive life protection without any medical tests or complicated documentation. Moreover, the plan covers hospitalization expenses up to ₹1 lakh due to COVID-19.

🛡️ How are the benefits paid under the plan?

a) Eg : If Customer has opted for Group Term Plus for 10L Sum assured and Covid-19 Hospi Care Benefit in Group Critical Illness Rider for Rs 1L

  • i) Scenario 01 :If the Customer is diagnosed with Covid-19 condition and is hospitalized for 24 consecutive hours, he would be paid Rs.1L and the policy will continue with all benefits.
  • ii) Scenario 02 : In case of death of customer due to Covid 19 condition or death due to any other reason, his family will be paid Rs.10L as death benefit and policy will be terminated.
🛡️ What do I receive on Maturity? Are there any Survival Benefits in the Plan?

There is no Maturity Benefit or any kind of Survival Benefits payable to You on coverage expiry date of the plan.

🛡️ How many plans can I buy with my Flipkart Account?

You can buy one policy from your Flipkart account/user ID. Multiple policies can not be bought under one email ID or Flipkart user ID

🛡️ How to Update Policy Details After Purchase?

You can update your contact details by using the change email address option available in your policy details. However, no changes are allowed for policy cover amount, policy term and payment frequency once the policy is purchased.

🛡️ What are address opt the exclusions under the CORONA INSURANCE plan?
  • a) Suicide Exclusions : If death occurs due to suicide within 12 months from the Date of Commencement of Member coverage or within 12 months from the date of revival of the Member coverage, the death benefit is refund of 80% of the premium(s) paid (excluding taxes) provided the Insured Member's coverage(s) is/are In Force.
  • b) Covid -19 exclusions : You should not have travelled outside of India in last 45 days from date of proposal and not been quarantined or been in close contact with anyone who has been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 in last 14 days from date of proposal and not experienced symptoms of fever/cough/shortness of breath/malaise/sore throat/nausea/vomiting and/or diarrhea within the last 14 days from date of proposal.
🛡️ Is there a waiting period?

Yes, customer is eligible for claims for Group Critical Illness rider ( Covid-19 Hospi Care benefit) post a waiting period of 14 days from the policy start date

🛡️ What will I get as proof of Insurance?

You will receive the Certificate of Insurance (COI) with Customer Information Sheet (CIS) in the e-mail address shared at the time of purchase. You can also get a copy of the COI with CIS on the My Policy page on the Flipkart App.

🛡️ Will I get a copy of my policy certificate after purchase or any changes in my contact details or nominee details?

Yes, you will get a copy of the policy certificate on your registered email ID. Alternatively, you can also download it through the My Policy page on the Flipkart App.

🛡️ Am I eligible to buy Life Insurance? Or Are there any prerequisites for me to purchase a Life Insurance policy?

Aegon Life Group Term Plus Insurance Plan (IRDA UIN: 138N062V01) with Group Critical Illness Rider (Covid-19 benefits) on Flipkart is only available for users who:

  • Have an active Flipkart Account
  • Are between the age of 18 to 50
  • Do not have any pre-existing medical conditions as mentioned in the Health Declaration section in the terms & conditions
  • Policy cannot be purchased by the customer who have already purchased the group life insurance of Aegon from Flipkart and the previous policy is live at the time of purchase of this new policy.