If you want to save regularly along with life cover, this plan is for you.


If you want to save regularly along with life cover then Aegon Life Jeevan Shanti Insurance Plan is for you. It offers steady savings and life cover at affordable & flexible premium to fulfil your dreams and goals.

You should purchase this plan if you:

  • Want systematic monthly savings
  • Want lump – sum payout at maturity
  • Want flexible premium payment options


Ramesh, (age 30 years) is a clerk in a private school. His wife is a homemaker. Ramesh is worried about his wife & daughter’s future. He also wants to ensure that they have secured future if any unfortunate eventuality occurs.

His plan details are as follows:

  • He opts for Aegon Life’s Jeevan Shanti Insurance Plan by paying a monthly premium of Rs.500 + service tax. His Policy Sum Assured is Rs.85,745. 
  • He also opts of Aegon Life ADDD rider with Sum Assured of Rs.85,745 by paying an additional monthly premium of Rs 10 + service tax.

Total Matuirty benefit: Rs.85,745 (Base Sum Assured) plus Rs.93,805 (Bonus @8%) or Rs.41,672 (Bonus @4%). Total lump sum benefit of Rs.1,79,550 @8% or Rs.1,27,417 @4%

His family receives total Death Benefit of Rs.85,745 (Base Sum Assured) plus Rs.85,745 (AL ADDD Sum Assured) plus Rs.46,500 (Bonus @8%) or Rs.18,675 (Bonus @ 4%).

Total lump sum payout of Rs.2,17,990 @8% or Rs.1,90,165 @4%


Step 1 Choose the Policy Term as per your need

Step 2 Decide on the monthly premium amount you want to pay.Basis the above choices, the Sum Assured of your policy will be calculated

Step 3 Our Life Advisor will help you fill in the application form

Step 4 A cheque will have to be drawn in favour of Aegon Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Step 5 Expect a verification call from Aegon Life call centre, once you apply for the policy


Product Name: Aegon Life Jeevan Shanti Insurance Plan UIN 138N055V01

  • This is a non-linked participating plan.
  • Some benefits are guaranteed and some benefits are variable with returns based on future performance of the Company’s participating fund.
  • As a With Profits Policyholder, you will share in the performance of the With Profits Fund and shall get a benefit over and above the guaranteed benefits under your policy.  As this performance is non-guaranteed and depends on the future, the “Non-Guaranteed Benefits” section in this Illustration is provided to give you an indication of what this benefit could be if the fund earns on average 4% or 8% per annum over the term of the policy. Actual fund performance will vary from year to year.
  • The assumed investment returns of 4% and 8% per annum are not future bonus rates. Future bonus rates depend on several performance factors including, but not limited to, investment performance, company's expenses, cost of providing risk benefits and the effects of taxation.
  • The premium amount quoted above is based on a standard healthy person, without taking in to consideration your own circumstances. The actual premium or the sum assured amount may change according to our underwriting decision
  • Service tax, Education cess and any other taxes announced by the Government or any other statutory body in future would be levied as per the applicable tax laws. 
  • This illustration assumes all premiums are paid when due.
  • For any further clarification, please feel free to contact the advisor or email us at
  • Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation.