Aegon Life Regular Money Back Insurance Plan

This plan provides money at regular intervals for important milestones. Plus you have the ease of
paying premium for a limited period.


Why Buy This Plan

Aegon Life’s Regular Money Back Insurance Plan provides you guaranteed payouts for 10 years and a life
cover beyond the Premium Payment Term.
You should purchase this plan if you:
• Want lump sum amount in case something were to happen to you
• Want a regular guaranteed income
• Want loan for unforeseen circumstances
• Want additional benefit in case of disability.
• Want flexible premium payment options
• Want tax benefits

Let's understand the plan with an example

Let's understand the plan with an example: 

Mr. Kumar (Age 35 years) opts for Aegon Life Regular Money Back Insurance Plan.

His Plan details are as follows:
Annualised Premium: Rs. 40,000; Sum Assured: Rs. 3,21,396 Policy Term: 20 years, Premium Payment Term:
10 years





You can make your plan more comprehensive by choosing the below rider:

Aegon Life Premium Shield Rider (UIN: 138B013V01): For Policies where Proposer and Life Assured are different individuals, this rider waives off all future premiums under the base plan in case of either Death or Disability of the Proposer. For Policies where Proposer and Life Assured are the same individual, this rider waives off all future premiums under the base plan in case of Disability of the Life Assured.

How can you buy this plan?

How can you buy this plan?: 

• Choose the premium amount and the frequency. Your Life Cover will be calculated basis this.

• Our Life Advisor will help you fill in the application form.

• A cheque will have to be drawn in favour of Aegon Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

• Expect a verification call from Aegon Life call centre, once you apply for the policy.



Aegon Life Regular Money Back Insurance Plan UIN for the plan is 138N056V01

This is a non-linked, participating plan.

Bonus mentioned is simple revisionary bonus and it is a percentage of Sum Assured.


• This document is for benefit illustration purpose only and should be read in conjunction with the sales literature to understand the product. As a With Profits Policyholder, you will share in the performance of the With Profits Fund and shall get a benefit over and above the guaranteed benefits under your policy. As this performance is non-guaranteed and depends on the future, the "Non-Guaranteed Benefits" section in this Illustration is provided to give you an indication of what this benefit could be if the fund earns on average 4% or 8% per annum over the term of the policy. Actual fund performance will vary from year to year. 

• The illustrated values based on the assumption of 4% and 8% gross investment returns per annum are not guaranteed and are for illustration purposes only. 

• The assumed investment returns of 4% and 8% per annum are not future bonus rates. Future bonus rates depend on several factors including but not limited to investment performance, company’s expenses, cost of providing risk benefits and the effects of taxation.

• Service tax, Education cess and any other taxes announced by the Government or any other statutory body in future would be levied as per the applicable tax laws. The premium shown above is exclusive of service tax and cess. 

• This illustration assumes all premiums are paid when due.

• For any further clarification, please feel free to contact the advisor or email us at

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