Term Insurance

Term Insurance

Term insurance plans are designed to give your family financial independence and stability in case of your sudden demise, accident, or other such unforeseen events. These plans make sure your family is well taken care of when you are not around. If you are in your 30s, and a non-smoker, you can buy a term plan for a premium of Rs. 295 per month, and get a sum assured of Rs. 25,00,000. Get a free quote now!


What is term life insurance?

As the name suggests, a term plan is a life insurance plan that allows you to pay a small premium for a stipulated period of time. These premiums make for a huge corpus that is paid to your nominee in the form of death benefit in case you pass away during the tenure of the policy. This amount may either be paid as a lump sum or monthly payments. However, if you outlive the tenure of your policy, no death benefit is received.


Why term life insurance?

In your absence, your family will need all the support they can get. A term life insurance will keep all their financial worries at bay and put them at ease. Whether your child has planned for higher studies, wishes to settle down, or your better half needs any medical assistance, the sum received will insure your loved one's future. However, not every family is the same and therefore, their needs also differ.

Keeping this in mind, Aegon Life offers various term policies that are tailored to your different needs. These plans are not only comprehensive but also cost-effective. Read on to get an insight into our term insurance product offerings:


iTerm Insurance Plan

This allows you to increase your life coverage so that your nominee receives a larger sum assured in order to meet bigger responsibilities of life. Apart from offering you coverage till 100 years of age, this comprehensive life protection plan also comes with an inbuilt terminal illness benefit, thus making sure you have double protection.


iTerm Plus Insurance Plan

This cost-effective term insurance plan gives you coverage up to the age of 80 years and comes with four different plan options:

  • Life Plan Benefit

This plan option comes with:

  1. Death benefit
  2. Accidental benefit
  • Life Plus Benefit

This plan option comes with:

  1. Death benefit and terminal illness benefit
  2. Waiver of premium on permanent disability due to an accident
  3. Accidental death benefit
  • Life & Health Benefit

This plan option comes with:

  1. Death benefit
  2. Terminal illness benefit
  3. Basics critical illness benefit that covers 10 critical illnesses
  • Life & Health Plus Benefit

This plan option comes with:

  1. Death benefit and terminal illness benefit
  2. Enhanced critical illness benefit that covers 36 critical illnesses


iReturn Insurance Plan

Apart from providing with life cover, this plan returns all the premiums paid at the end of the policy, if you survive the policy duration.


Term Insurance Plan

This plan comes with two kinds of death benefit option that are:

  • Death Benefit I

The nominee receives 100 percent of the sum assured in case the insured passes away.

  • Death Benefit II

The nominee receives 50 percent of the sum assured when the insured passes away. The other 50 percent is paid in the form of regular monthly income, which is 3 percent of the cover amount.


Easy Protect Insurance Plan

This plan allows you to secure your family with INR 10,000 per month for the next ten years, without you having to even do a medical test.

All the above plans are designed to cater your loved ones and your needs. So, compare the different plans and choose the one that meets your requirements the best.

A comprehensive term Plan with cover for 36 Critical Illnesses.
If you want your family to maintain the same lifestyle in your absence, this plan is for you
If you are looking for a plan that will enable your family to sustain the same lifestyle even in your absence, this plan is for you.
A Non-Linked Non-Participating Whole of Life Term Insurance Plan
A term insurance plan that provides life cover, and pays back your premiums if all goes well.
A life insurance plan that gives your family financial protection at among one of the lowest rates