If you want to earn more benefits from your financial investments, a Unit Linked Insurance Plan will be your best bet. Generally referred to as a ULIP, this is an integrated plan that offers you the dual benefit of life insurance as well as investments in the form of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

There are many ways to become financially secure. Investments and insurance are two of the most popular ways. When you opt for ULIPs, some part of the money you have invested is used towards term life protection, while the other part of it is invested in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. This means investing in ULIPs will help you meet your long-term goals.

Whether you want to finance your children’s higher education or help your spouse find a new normal after a tragic loss, ULIPs will come handy. The biggest benefit of a ULIP is that it acts as an investment tool, while providing you with risk coverage. Here are a few know-hows of ULIPs:

Who should invest in ULIPs?

  • Individuals who want access to market-linked returns
  • Those looking for long-term investments
  • Investors who want regular savings

What kind of ULIPs should you invest in?

Aegon has a number of ULIPs that you could choose from. Some of them are as follows:

  • iInvest Insurance Plan

This ULIP allows you to manage your funds in any proportion. You can invest in six different funds, such as blue-chip equity, accelerator, opportunity, stable, secure and debt funds. Each fund caters to different levels of risk from low to high. Among the six funds, opportunity fund provides long-term wealth generation by allowing you to invest in mid-caps.

  • iMaximize Insurance Plan

This affordable plan comes with ‘Triple Benefits’. Here, along with a higher sum assured, you also get additional savings and income benefit. Moreover, it ensures your child gets all the financial security after you.

  • iMaximize Single Premium Insurance Plan

This investment cum insurance plan needs you to invest only once, while you earn profitable returns on your investments for a long time to come. This plan also allows you to choose from six unit linked funds.

  • Future Protect Insurance Plan

This plan allows you to multiply your amount from different investments, while also providing you with life coverage. Perfect for investors with a low-risk appetite!

  • Rising Star Insurance Plan

This plan acts as a great tool for securing the future of your children. It invests your money in equity markets while minimizing your risk profile.

  • Future Protect Plus Plan

This plan helps you generate an adequate pool of finances for the future by investing your money as well as providing you with risk coverage.

These plans will not only help you secure your future by investing your money and providing coverage, but also work towards the growth of your finances.

An investment plus insurance plan to secure your child’s education and future

If you are looking to gain from the upside of the stock market and also protect your family with

If you are looking to reap investment benefits by paying only once, this plan is for you.

If you are looking to gain from the upside of the stock market and also protect your family with

An investment plus insurance plan that gives you access to market linked returns.