A term plan for every earning person of the family!
Aegon Life Term Plans pay out a guaranteed sum in case of death of the person insured. Our plans offer essential life cover along with multiple options to enhance coverage like Critical Illness Cover and Accidental Death Cover. The premium is fixed when you buy and will never increase during the policy term.
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6 Super Reasons To Choose Aegon Life Term Plans
    Complete protection for family
    Your family is financially protected with life cover so that their dreams can be achieved, even in your absence.
    36 Critical Illness Cover
    You get a cash payout if diagnosed with any of the covered critical illnesses during the policy term.
    Accidental Death Cover
    Your family can receive a larger payout in case of your unfortunate demise due to an accident.
    Life Long Cover
    You can choose to get life cover till the age of 100 years. This is a good way to leave a guaranteed legacy for your family.
    100% Terminal Illness Cover
    You get the full death benefit as a cash payout if diagnosed with a Terminal illness.
    Waiver Of Premium
    In case of permanent disability due to accident or diagnosis of critical illness, you don’t have to pay any more premium.
The right term plan for any stage of life
  •   Single
    Life insurance when you are young is best. Premium increases with your age.
    • To secure your loans and other debts
    • To support family that depends on you
    • To protect your income
  •   Married
    Fulfill the promise you made to each other and get peace of mind.
    • Protect the one you love
    • To secure your liabilities
    • To protect your income
  •   Parents
    As a loving parent, do your part to secure your child’s dreams.
    • To protect your family’s financial future
    • To secure your health
    • To pay off your liabilities
  •   Retirement
    Life insurance is a great way to leave a legacy for your loved ones.
    • Life cover till the age of 100 years
    • Simple and easy way to leave an inheritance
    • Tax free payout to your nominees
Why choose Aegon Life?
At Aegon Life, we have revolutionized the buying experience, from getting the premium quote till the point where the policy is issued.
Everything is paperless and completed in minutes.

    We honor claims

    Our claim settlement ratio is 96.45%^ in FY 2018-19. You can be rest assured that your claim will be handled fairly and with empathy.

    We love our customers

    We conduct in-depth research with customers and improve our products and services based on the feedback we receive.

    We are transparent

    The entire buying process is online. You can see the premium before you buy and the premium will never change for the entire policy term.

    We are trusted

    We are a digital and direct-to-customer company. We have done away with external Agents so our premiums are usually lower.
3 simple steps to buy online

    Get Your Free Quote

    Answer simple questions to get a quote in seconds. We give you a range of options to choose from along with an accurate premium rate.

    Choose Your Add-On's

    Choose the policy term and payment frequency in few clicks. You also get the power to attach Riders that provide enhanced cover for you and your family.

    Fill application and buy online

    Once you get the quote, you can start the application. We have simplified the form filling process to make it quick and easy.
Customer Reviews

Read our customers reviews of buying a policy online.

  • Agnel Dsouza
    "It was very easy to buy on aegonlife.com. It took less than 10 minutes to buy the policy on the website. And then, next day I sent the documents over whatsapp. And then next day my life cover began. Very fast! Now I feel at ease that my family's future is secured. A big thank you to Aegon Life Team. 5star experience." - MouthShut.com reviewer
  • Anchal Bhatt Vinaya
    "Excellent Products and prompt service.Buying policy from Aegon Life is one of the best experience. One should go and read the values of the company. They are adhere to it. The response of their sales executive are excellent. There product explanation are very good. It was my third experience of buying insurance policy but now I can say that if in future if a want to buy any new policy first I will move to Aegon Life. Touched by their customer service." - MouthShut.com reviewer
  • Susanta Polley
    "Overall great experience! Low EMI compared to other companies, hassle free medical check up, can be arranged as per your convenience (can be done in office or house), and easy documentation. Prompt solutions provided by Aegon. Representative of every query! Overall hassle free and satisfying experience!" - MouthShut.com reviewer
  • Keithal Vares
    "I was skeptical on buying a policy online, but this was really simple and fast. After doing my research I finalized on Aegon Life. The experience was hassle free. They rescheduled my medical test as per my convenience and the doctor came on time and took my test. Was also kept posted on the status of my policy and within a week my policy was issued." - MouthShut.com reviewer
  • Prasana Kumar
    "I did good research and found that Aegon Life the best one in this segment. Customer service is very good and clarified all my doubts. It satisfied all my needs. My suggestion is to buy it for whoever needs it, it is hassle free online buy, but please do check all details and make sure it satisfies your needs. I am very happy with Aegon Life so far. I am suggesting to my friends also for buying policy in online. Thank you AEGON LIFE team!" - MouthShut.com reviewer
Our service promise
Aegon Life Insurance
    Quick Issuance

    Your policy will be issued in 2 days of completion of medicals (if applicable) and submission of documents.

    Free Look Period

    You get a 30 day period to review the policy. If not satisfied, send it back to get your money back.

    Claim Settlement

    You can trust us for a heartfelt, easy and quick claim process. In FY 2018-19, our Claim Settlement Ratio is 96.45%^ (Individual Death claim settlement ratio 96.45%^ in FY 2018-19. 489/507 claims honored and 18 claims rejected).

Frequently asked questions
Your ideal life cover amount depends upon your individual financial situation. So do take your income and liabilities into consideration. Some basic thumb rules to guide you to the right life cover:

  1. At age 30 years, your life cover should be 20 times your annual income.
  2. At age 40 years, your life cover should be at least 15 times your annual income.
  3. At age 50, your life cover should be minimum 10 times your annual income.
Take all liabilities into consideration like home and/or car loan and child’s future expenses like education and marriage. Make sure that the life cover amount you select can secure your family’s future and pay off all debts.
Term plan generally does not come with maturity benefit. The benefits will be paid out to your family in case of your death or to you in case you are diagnosed with Terminal Illness. If you choose the critical illness benefit, the benefits would be paid out to you if you are diagnosed with any of the covered 36 critical illnesses.
This choice depends on your individual circumstances. You need to ask yourself how long you need to be financially protected. Our term plan provides life cover till age 100 years. With a plan like this, you can leave a guaranteed legacy for your family at a very low cost and you won’t have to invest in multiple instruments.
Depending on what changes you want done, our Service team can assist you with modifications to your contact information, payment mode and payment frequency. However, policy term and premium amount cannot be changed after you buy.
The premium will never increase for the entire policy term. Once the policy is issued to you, the premium amount is fixed.
With our term plan, you have an option to increase your cover amount based on important milestones in life like marriage and child birth, in which case your premium would increase because you increased the life cover amount.
There is also the angle of tax regulation by Government of India. In case of increase in tax payable, the overall premium amount would increase.
Tobacco consumption is an important factor that has a big impact on your health rate class. Your health rate class will determine the final premium you will have to pay. Even though the premiums are higher for smokers, the rates are affordable.
If you consumed tobacco in any form in last 1 year, then you must declare that you are a tobacco user. Please ensure that your application details are correct and complete because it will help us to get you covered at the right price. Any mistakes or wrong information can slow down the process or result is rejection of the application or higher premiums.
Yes, you can buy the plan if you are an NRI. But we recommend that you buy the plan when you are visiting India. This will help, if you need to undergo medical tests. Our term plan provides international coverage, so you are protected wherever you go.
Yes, death due to terrorist attack is also covered under term plan. If you are the person insured, the death benefit can be claimed by your nominees/legal heir.
Accidental death is covered under our plan. If you opt for the Accidental Death Benefit, your nominees can get a much larger payout to secure their future. The nominees will receive the death benefit + accidental death benefit as a lump sum payout.
Claim Settlement Ratio is the number of claims that the insurer has honored following the death of person insured. The claim settlement ratio can be affected by various factors. The number of claims received by the insurer also includes misrepresentations and fraud cases. These type of claims are included in unsettled claims which reduces the claim settlement ratio of the insurer.
Nice to know:
1. Our Claim Settlement Ratio for FY 2018-19 is 96.45%^
2. We settled 99% of all claims received in FY 2018-19 within 30 days
The claim settlement can take anywhere from 8 – 30 days. Our claim experience is really simple and your nominee just has to call our toll-free number: 1800-209-9090 to get the process started.
A counter-offer is a new set of terms and conditions given in response to your original application. The difference between the original and counter-offer may be an increase in premium or reduction in life cover amount.
When you apply for a term plan, we may request you to undergo a medical checkup to determine if you have any pre-existing illnesses, if you are at risk for any diseases, and to determine your drug use. The checkup may include a physical inspection, blood test, urine test and ECG, as well as questions about your medical history. The checkup is straight forward and is completed in about 20 minutes.
The premium you pay depends on various underwriting factors like severity of health condition, changing family history, chosen term and life cover have an impact on your premium.
Term insurance is the cheapest and simplest form of life insurance. It provides death benefit that can secure the future of your family. It can be the most important investment you make in case of your untimely death, this plan ensures that your dependents get financial security to recover from the sudden loss of income. Term plan also provides tax benefits on premium paid and death benefit received and much lower premiums when compared to traditional other Life Insurance products.
Critical illness cover is an additional benefit available with our term plan which will provide the person insured with a lump sum payout if diagnosed with any of the covered 36 critical illnesses. The benefit money can be used in any way you wish. There are no restrictions on hospital (like mediclaim) or against any expenses incurred. The list of critical illness covered under the plan: click here
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Aegon Life Insurance is a joint venture between Aegon N.V. a multinational insurance, pensions and assets management company and The Times Group one of India’s oldest and largest media conglomerates. Aegon Life is a new-age digital service company which is direct to customers. Because we have done away with external agents, our premiums are usually lower and our direct dialogue with customers result in a completely transparent insurance experience.


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