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8 Super Benefits of Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan:

Lump Sum Payout At Age 60

You get Guaranteed Lump Sum Payout of 5% of Base Sum assured on Policy Anniversary following your 60th Birthday.

Regular Monthly Income After Age 60

After age 60, get 0.1% of Base Sum Assured as Guaranteed Regular Monthly Income.

Longer Life Cover

Enjoy life insurance cover up to age 100 years and the premium will remain the same throughout the entire policy term.

Aegon Life CI Care Rider

Get Lump Sum payout on diagnosis of 36 Critical Illnesses up to age 80 years

Terminal Illness Cover

If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, then you get the effective sum assured as a lump sum payout.

Accidental Death Cover through Aegon Life AD Rider

Your family will get an additional payout in case of death of the person insured due to an accident.

Quit Smoking Benefit

Quit smoking and you may avail discount on renewal premiums from 2nd Policy Year onwards with Quit Smoking benefit.

Tax Benefits

You may avail tax benefits on premium paid and benefits received as per prevailing Income Tax laws.

How you get back the Sum Assured?1

Its really simple to plan for your retirement! Our term plan provides essential financial protection for your loved ones along with a unique benefit - it pays you back the SUM ASSURED (not just the premium you paid)!

For 30 years old

Policy Premium ₹ 3484 per month till the age of 60 years

Life cover ₹ 1 crore

Policy Term Upto age 100 years

At age 60 Get Lumpsum Amount ₹ 5 lakh (5% of the Life Cover Amount)
After age 60 Get Monthly Income ₹ 10,000 till the age of 100 years (0.1% of the Base Sum Assured)

In case of your unforeseen death

Before age 60 your family get full ₹ 1 crore lumpsum payout
After age 60 In case of unforeseen death, your family gets the balance sum assured

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How Aegon Life iTerm insurance Plan – Dual Protect Feature helps you with Retirement Planning

What is a Retirement Plan?

Retirement plans are investment plans that let you allot a piece of your investment funds to collect over a specific period and give you relentless pay after retirement.
One of the major benefits of a Retirement Plan is that it provides a regular income even after your retirement so that you can live proudly without settling on your expectations for everyday comforts.

Need for Retirement Planning

In the present day and age, it is critical to have appropriate Retirement Planning. It will assist you in managing the consequences after retirement and keep up a decent way of life in the retirement years.
The benefit of retirement planning and having a comfortable retirement is that it allows you to stay totally in the moment. You no longer have to worry about getting back to work or anything else. You can be carefree with your time. Whatever dreams you had for your life, retirement is most often the time to fulfill them, but it’s only possible if you carefully planned during your career. Else, you might be holding back out on specific experiences and leaving certain things on your bucket list unchecked.

Retirement Planning with iTerm’s Dual Protect Feature

The Dual Protect feature not only provides you protection up to the age of 100 years but post-retirement, you are eligible for the following benefits:
Lumpsum Pay: 5% of the basic Sum Assured is paid out as a lump-sum benefit. This payment is made at the very next policy anniversary that arrives once you have attained the golden age of 60 years
Regular Monthly Income: 0.1% of the basic Sum Assured is paid monthly in arrears. This payment continues till the date of maturity or the date of death/ diagnosis of terminal illness, whichever is earlier

What are our Customers saying

*Claim Settlement Ratio for FY 2019-20,
Individual life death claims.

Consistency of Claim Settlements

The consistency of an insurance company in settling claims over the years is also a good indicator of their dependability. Therefore, the historical claim settlement ratio of insurers over the past 3-4 years should be checked and it should be in a small range. For example, a company with the ratio in the range of 95% to 97% is more consistent than one with the claim settlement ratio in the range of 75% to 90%. In the last four years, our claim settlement ratio has been among the best in the industry.
Ease of Processing Claims: In order to ensure that your family does not face any hassles or delays during the claim process, you must make sure that the whole procedure is as simple as possible. The claim reporting should be easily approachable for.
Click here to see the trend over the last 10 years.

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How to Calculate Your Retirement Corpus?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum entry age for dual protect plan is 18 years while the maximum age is 50.
Yes, it is. If you want financial coverage till the age of 100 years and regular monthly income after the age of 60 years, then dual protect plan is the perfect choice for you.
  • It ensures financial security of your family if something unfortunate happens to you
  • It offers regular monthly income once you turn 60, which can act as a source of income for your family post your retirement years or after your death.
  • There are risks of accidents and terminal illnesses in life. Thus, it offers life cover and terminal illness benefits
As the name suggest this benefit option provides dual benefit of Protection against death or terminal illness during policy term plus Income/survival benefit post attainment of age 60 years. On policy anniversary proceeding after your 60th birthday, you will receive lumpsum benefit of 5% of the base sum assured to celebrate your retirement and subsequently you will also receive regular monthly income of 0.1% of Base sum assured till maturity or death whichever is earlier. Your nominee will receive the effective sum assured in case of your unfortunate death or on diagnosis of Terminal Illness.


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