Withdrawn Products

Sr. NoName of ProductUINClassificationProduct T&C
1Aegon Life Protect Gain Plan138L001V01ULIPClick Here
2Aegon Life Protect Gain Plan_EMP138L001V01ULIPClick Here
3Aegon Life Protect Gain Plan138L001V02ULIPClick Here
4Aegon Life Protect Gain Plan_EMP138L001V02ULIPClick Here
5Aegon Life Star Child Plan138L005V01ULIPClick Here
6Aegon Life Star Child Plan_EMP138L005V01ULIPClick Here
7Aegon Life Star Child Plan138L005V02ULIPClick Here
8Aegon Life Star Child Plan_EMP138L005V02ULIPClick Here
9Aegon Life Premium Gain Plan138L006V01ULIPClick Here
10Aegon Life Pension Plan138L010V01ULIPClick Here
11Aegon Life Pension Plan_EMP138L010V01ULIPClick Here
12Aegon Life Pension Plan138L010V02ULIPClick Here
13Aegon Life Pension Plan_EMP138L010V02ULIPClick Here
14Aegon Life Premium Gain Plus Plan138L013V01ULIPClick Here
15Aegon Life Premium Gain Plus Plan_EMP138L013V01ULIPClick Here
16Aegon Life Premium Gain Plus Plan138L013V02ULIPClick Here
17Aegon Life Wealth Protect Plan138L014V01ULIPClick Here
18Aegon Life Wealth Protect Plan_EMP138L014V01ULIPClick Here
19Aegon Life Wealth Protect Plan138L014V02ULIPClick Here
20Aegon Life Wealth Protect Plan_EMP138L014V02ULIPClick Here
21Aegon Life Invest Maximiser Plan138L015V01ULIPClick Here
22Aegon Life Invest Maximiser Plan_EMP138L015V01ULIPClick Here
23Aegon Life Wealth Protect Plus Plan138L019V01ULIPClick Here
24Aegon Life Wealth Protect Plus Plan_EMP138L019V01ULIPClick Here
25Aegon Life Growth Plan138L020V01ULIPClick Here
26Aegon Life Growth Plan_EMP138L020V01ULIPClick Here
27Aegon Life Future Protect Plan138L023V01ULIPClick Here
28Aegon Life Future Protect Plus Plan138L024V01ULIPClick Here
29Aegon Life Future Protect Plus Insurance Plan138L024V02ULIPClick Here
30Aegon Life Assure Plan138L025V01ULIPClick Here
31Aegon Life Rising Star Plan 138L026V01ULIPClick Here
32Aegon Life Future Protect Premier Plan138L027V01ULIPClick Here
33Aegon Life Assure Plus Plan138L028V01ULIPClick Here
34Aegon Life iMaximize Plan138L030V01ULIPClick Here
35Aegon Life iMaximize Plan138L030V02ULIPClick Here
36Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan138L030V03ULIPClick Here
37Aegon Life Group Gratuity Plan138L033V01ULIP - Group Click Here
38Aegon Life Group Leave encashment Plan138L037V01ULIP - Group Click Here
39Aegon Life iMaximize Single Premium Insurance Plan138L049V01ULIPClick Here
40Aegon Life iInvest Insurance Plan138L059V01ULIPClick Here
41Aegon Life Increasing Term Plan138N002V01Term Click Here
42Aegon Life Increasing Term Plan_EMP138N002V01Term Click Here
43Aegon Life Level Term Plan138N003V01Term Click Here
44Aegon Life Level Term Plan_EMP138N003V01Term Click Here
45Aegon Life Decreasing Term Plan138N004V01Term Click Here
46Aegon Life Decreasing Term Plan_EMP138N004V01Term Click Here
47Aegon Life Guaranteed Return Plan138N007V01Traditional Non ParticipatingClick Here
48Aegon Life Guaranteed Return Plan_EMP138N007V01Traditional Non ParticipatingClick Here
49Aegon Life Rural Term Plan138N008V01TermClick Here
50Aegon Life Group Term Plan138N009V01Group TermClick Here
51Aegon Life Guaranteed Return Plan - 3138N012V01Traditional Non ParticipatingClick Here
52Aegon Life Guaranteed Return Plan - 3_EMP138N012V01Traditional Non ParticipatingClick Here
53Aegon Life iTerm Plan138N016V01TermClick Here
54Aegon Life iTerm Plan138N016V02TermClick Here
55Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan138N016V03TermClick Here
56Aegon Life Group Credit Life138N017V01Group TermClick Here
57Aegon Life Money Back Plan138N018V01Traditional Non ParticipatingClick Here
58Aegon Life Money Back Plan_EMP138N018V01Traditional Non ParticipatingClick Here
59Aegon Life Health Plan138N021V01Health PlanClick Here
60Aegon Life Money Back Plus Plan138N022V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
61Aegon Life Pension Plan138N029V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
62Aegon Life Endowment Plan138N031V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
63Aegon Life Endowment Advantage Plan138N032V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
64Aegon Life Guaranteed Income Plan138N034V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
65Aegon Life Flexi Money Back Plan138N035V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
66Aegon Life Educare Plan138N036V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
67Aegon Life iHealth Plan138N038V01Health PlanClick Here
68Aegon Life iHealth Insurance Plan138N038V02Health PlanClick Here
69Aegon Life Term Plan138N039V01TermClick Here
70Aegon Life Guaranteed Income Plus Plan138N040V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
71Aegon Life Guaranteed Income Advantage Insurance Plan138N040V02Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
72Aegon Life EduCare Plus Plan138N041V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
73Aegon Life Educare Advantage Insurance Plan138N041V02Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
74Aegon Life Save Guard Plan138N042V01TROPClick Here
75Aegon Life Assured Returns Plan138N043V01Traditional Non ParticipatingClick Here
76Aegon Life Flexi Money Back Plus Plan138N044V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
77Aegon Life Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan138N044V02Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
78Aegon Life Premier Endowment Insurance Plan138N051V01Traditional ParticipatingClick Here
79Aegon Life Group Credit Shield Insurance Plan138N057V01Group TermClick Here
80Aegon Life iTerm Plus Life Option138N060V01TermClick Here
81Aegon Life iTerm Plus Life and Health Option138N060V01TermClick Here
82Aegon Life iTerm Plus Life Health Option138N060V01TermClick Here
83Aegon Life iTerm Plus Life Health Plus Option138N060V01TermClick Here
84Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan138N016V04TermClick Here
85Aegon Life Group Term Plan138N009V02Group TermClick Here
86Aegon Life Group Leave Encashment Plan138L037V02Group ULIPClick Here
87Aegon Life Group Credit Life138N017V02Group TermClick Here
88Aegon Life iIncome Insurance Plan138N054V01TermClick Here
89Aegon Life iSpouse Insurance Plan138N052V01TermClick Here
90Aegon Life Jeevan Shanti Insurance Plan138N055V01SavingsClick Here
91Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan138N016V05TermClick Here
92Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan138N016V06TermClick Here
93Aegon Life iTerm Plus_Life_Policy_12th Nov 2019138N060V02TermClick Here
94Aegon Life iTerm Plus Life Plus Policy_12th Nov 2019138N060V02TermClick Here
95Aegon Life iTerm Plus Life & Health Policy_12th Nov 2019138N060V02TermClick Here
96Aegon Life iTerm Plus Life & Health Plus Life Policy_12th Nov 2019138N060V02TermClick Here
97Aegon Life Regular Money Back Income Plan_12th Nov 2019138N056V01SavingsClick Here
98Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Single premium Plan 138L049V02ULIPClick Here
99Aegon Life Future Protect Plus Insurance Plan138L024V04ULIPClick Here
100Aegon Life Future Protect Insurance Plan138L023V02ULIPClick Here
101Aegon Life Rising Star Insurance Plan138L026V02ULIPClick Here
102Aegon Life iGuarantee Insurance Plan138N047V01Non Par SavingsClick Here
103Aegon Life Guaranteed Growth Insurance Plan138N046V01Non Par SavingsClick Here
104Aegon Life Easy Protect insurance Plan138N045V01ProtectionClick Here
105Aegon Life iReturn Insurance Plan138N050V01ProtectionClick Here
106Aegon Life iCancer Insurance Plan 138N053V01HealthClick Here
107Aegon Life iTermForever Insurance Plan138N061V01ProtectionClick Here
108Aegon Life Term Plan138N039V02ProtectionClick Here
109Aegon Life Insta Pension Plan138N011V01AnnuityClick Here
110Aegon Life Group Credit Shield Plan138N057V03GroupClick Here
111Aegon Life Group Gratuity Plan138L033V02GroupClick Here
112Aegon Life Jeevan Riddhi Insurance Plan138N058V01SavingsClick Here
113Aegon Life POS Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan138N076V01SavingsClick Here
114Aegon Life iInvest Insurance Plan_28th Nov’19138L059V02ULIPClick Here
115Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan_28th Nov’19138L030V04ULIPClick Here
116Aegon Life Future Protect Insurance Plan_25th Feb’20138L023V02ULIPClick Here
117Aegon Life Rising Star Insurance Plan_25th Feb’20138L026V02ULIPClick Here
118Aegon Life Group Credit Shield Insurance Plan_27th Feb’20138N057V03InsuranceClick Here
Sr. NoName of RiderUINClassificationRider T&C
1Aegon Life ADDD Rider138C002V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
2Aegon Life CI Rider138C001V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
3Aegon Life Women CI Rider138B005V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
4Aegon Life AD Rider138B006V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
5Aegon Life AD Rider138B006V02Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
6Aegon Life WOP Rider on CI138B007V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
7Aegon Life Health CI Rider138B008V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
8Aegon Life Health CI Rider138B008V02Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
9Aegon Life Women Care Rider138B009V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
10Aegon Life TPD Rider138B010V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
11Aegon Life Waiver of premium Rider138C003V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
12Aegon Life Term Rider138C004V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
13Aegon Life CI Rider138C001V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
14Aegon Life ADDD Rider138C002V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
15Aegon Life AD Rider138B006V03Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
16Aegon Life AD Rider138B006V04Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
17Premium Shield Rider_12th Nov 2019138B013V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
18Aegon Life ADDD Rider138B002V02Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
19Aegon Life TPD Rider138B010V02Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
20Aegon Life CI Rider138B001V02Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
21Aegon Life WOP on CI  Rider138B007V02Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
22Aegon Life Women CI Rider138B005V02Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
23Aegon Life Women Care Rider138B009V02Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
24Aegon Life iCI Rider138B011V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
25Aegon Life WoP on CI Joint Life Rider138B012V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
26Aegon Life iDisability Rider138B014V01Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here
27Aegon Life Health CI Rider138B008V02Traditional Non Participating RiderClick Here